1986 Newspapers: Game 1 Hero & Goat

Drawn by Daily News artist Bill Gallo, the Hero-Goat cartoon was a regular feature in the late edition.  For some reason I have only the odd numbered games from 86.  Game 1 is no shock.

5 Replies to “1986 Newspapers: Game 1 Hero & Goat”

  1. I Used to love the Hero &Blue Goat!…..First thing I went to when I got the paper! I wish they would bring it back!

    Great memory Thanks

  2. I remember Gallo’s Hero-Goat cartoons very well — and I distinctly remember this one with Teufel as the Goat. Such a blast from the past, thanks for posting. Somewhere in my archives I think I still have a lot of these papers as well. Seeing this Teufel Goat is really bringing me down memory lane.

  3. Did the the hero have some type of a “Winners Crown” sometimes on bis head….like a marathon runner gets when he wins????

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