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I have no idea where Shannon is, I tried calling him so he could post this. I guess I got this one.

MetsBlog just posted the 2012 Mets Jerseys. No images of the blue Mets Jersey that is supposed to pop up this year.

Quick Update: Jerseys are on sale with a 25% discount for one item on MLB.Com…I just bought myself a road jersey. Came to $132 and change after discount with tax and shipping.  (Another update via Shannon: that link is presently down, see below.)


Goon here: I like the way these look. Notice the 50th patch with gold.

Goon: The pinstripes are looking very nice. (via @AdamRubinespn)

Goon: The black jersey. I think I see a black dropshadow. Is that 50th patch photoshopped in? Its the only jersey to have two patches on it, plus the skyline seems blue.

I am liking the way the jerseys are looking. The patch looks nice too. When are these for sale?

Michael Baron: (posted Nov. 14, 2011) I love them, although I think the black is a little played out at this point. As Matt has said, the black was a symbol of the late 90′s Mets, and I think the new uniforms (with the exception of the black jersey) not just speaks to their history, but their original branding of orange and blue as well.

Read the rest over at Metsblog

UPDATE 6:37am

Shannon: Well this is an exciting surprise. I grabbed my phone and was wondering why Goon would call me at 9:30 at night.

They of course look fantastic. The skyline patch with gold looks cool (was trying to drop you guys hints).

The link to is down – I’ve heard in the past that things leak because MLBAM controls the websites and they test the pages live…there was some leak during the season that I can’t remember but it was the same thing.

I have to get up and out the door but I’m sure we’ll talk about this all day.

It appears as if the Treaty of Flushing has been signed. Let us rejoice.

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