Meet the man who will own the Mets for the rest of your life

Good morning.  I have been enjoying the various theories from folks who want to starve out “The Wilpons*” or something.  (*: I want to change that phraseology to Wilpons/Katz by the way.)

Mark Healey wrote the below on Gotham Nation (in a must-read article):

My contention with these fine people comes down to their unwillingness to understand why I believe that to continue to attend games at Citi Field while the Wilpon / Katz ownership group remains in possession of the club is counterproductive.

I’m one of those fine people by the way.

Mark wrote a good article and a few folks are following his lead.

Me?  I choose to go to baseball games with my kid.  We like it.  Yesterday we went to a hockey game.  We had fun.  We’ll have fun at 15 or so games this summer.

So far I have spent like $1200 on the 2012 season:  $800+ in tickets, a new $230 authentic, a $75 replica, a $50 cap and Goon picked up a blue BP jersey for me (more on that tomorrow).  And I haven’t yet ordered a road replica – so tack on $75.

Yep those Katz/Wilpons (I flipped it, it flows better) sure tricked me by selling me the 15 game plan I asked for for 4 years.

Then, they brought back the jersey look I wrote about for 4 years.

They’ll even get me to spend more money by having Banner Day the way I asked.

Similarly, Steve Jobs tricked me when he added video to my iPod.  I had an iPod but then he added video and tricked me into giving him $250.  Then, he added a phone to it and tricked me again!

Boy those Kats/Wilpons are sure crafty the way they offer the exact product I wanted.  Stop giving me what I want!!!!

Now, I now some of you are going to bring up the World Series thing.  I get it.  I too want them to win the World Series.

But I’m telling you right here and now that if you sit out a few seasons and then show up with 100 wins show up then I will call you a frontrunner.  It’s OK if you want to be a frontrunner, just recognize that you’re a frontrunner.  I’m a Mets fan.  Sometimes being a Mets fan sucks, but it’s what makes us Mets fans.

Frontrunners, by definition, only show up when the team is in first place.  Or maybe contending for the second Wild Card, I need to research that wrinkle some more.  They probably do.

It doesn’t make them bad people, they just by definition only show up when the team is good.  Usually they come disguised as Wall Street Bankers and sit in $350 seats, but there is a variant of the frontrunner who can be seen upstairs.  He’ll have on his Pedro jersey.  Maybe a Piazza if he’s in his 30’s.

One day in like 1991 I heard some dude tell his buddy he had season tickets “for years” – all the way back to 1987.  Yep, seemed about right.

If your goal is to see a playoff run every year then click here and I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for.

Back to the owner.  His name is Jeff.  He’s around my age.  He’s going to be here for a long long time.

Why would he sell the baseball team?  When you own a baseball team you’re somebody.  You’re The Owner Of The Mets.  That’s cool.

Wouldn’t you like to be The Owner Of The Mets?  Why would you give that up?

What’s Jeff going to do, sit in an office and stare out the window until a building goes up?  Yawn city.

How’s it working out for fans of the Knicks and Rangers?  Has Jim Dolan ran away and started a band yet?

Is Jeff supposed to live out the rest of his days in New York watching someone else own the team?

Ain’t gonna happen.

So if you think keeping $50 in your pocket will starve Jeff out, hey, it’s your money.  Spend it as you wish.

I think you guys are kidding yourselves.  Don’t cost yourself a summer.  Enjoy baseball….

…and you know what?  You can influence change AND spend some money in Queens.

I’ll be at Banner Day wearing a black-less jersey to prove it.


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12 Replies to “Meet the man who will own the Mets for the rest of your life”

  1. I don’t want to say that fans’ anger is unjustified, or that “fan” is short for anything other than “fanatic.” I get it – being a fan is an emotional experience, and sometimes one that’s going to touch upon the part of that spectrum which is home to anger and bitterness. And certainly, the Wilpons have done much to drive fans there.

    That said, I don’t think it’s worth it to hold that kind of anger in one’s heart over baseball (which is supposed to be a pastime – a fun hobby, essentially). I think it corrodes the insides, and will end up hurting the person who holds it more than the resulting lack of business will hurt the Wilpons. Whatever happens to them is going to happen whether you’re there or not, so you might as well buy a few tickets, eat a Shake Shack burger, watch some likable young players and enjoy a beautiful day, with friends, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, or just by yourself. It’s not a bad way to pass the time ’till the next time the Mets are good (and that day is coming).

  2. Whenever the Mets are rumored/linked to a ‘bad guy’ (like wife-beater Brett Myers a couple of years ago) everyone comes out and reminds us you root for the uniform.    Exactly.  I don’t care who owns the team or who’s working on the front office.  I care about the 25 guys on the field, the coaches that make decisions, and the GM to a small extent.

  3. This is capitulation, Shannon. You won a key skirmish. But you’re not firing a shot in the war over the most important off-season move (or non-move) of Mets management in a decade. Who else but Mets Police to hold management to account? 

    “Frontrunner” is a also a low blow and an epithet that is unworthy of your talents, commitment and accomplishment, in my view.

    I’ve been a fan since 1969, and will not purchase a plan this year unless they re-sign Jose Reyes. Oh, I’ll watch on TV a bit,  maybe get out to a game or two, and wear my Mets hat. But I’ll vote with my wallet and feet and will not be – in any way shape or form – be a frontrunner!

    You need to retract or edit this post – unless, of course, it’s your intention to alienate a generation of Mets fans who has suffered and celebrated every bit as long as you have but sees this management regime as a better gob of spittle in the faces of our proud fan base. It’s just wrong. I’ve really enjoyed this site and its voices, but I think you’ve gone down the rabbit hole since your Dave Howard game, I really do.

    Wall Street Bankers. Frontrunners. Those are just shy of profane. Just because a fan of four decades says “enough!” when crooked owners bow to the wishes of the commissioner and cut payroll while jettisoning one of the top homegrown Mets of all-time, a gem of a player still in 20s. C’mon, that’s just name-calling. 

    Mazzilli wept, man. Mazzilli wept.

    1. As for the roster….Omar left the cupboard bare. If you want smoke and mirrors deals that hamstring the franchise they can be done, but we just wind up having this argument in 2016 again.

      As for going to games – as I said to Media Goon earlier, I wish I could go to one more game with my late father, never mind 15. I’m spending time my son and we love it.

      Frontrunners by definintion only show up when the team is winning. It doesn’t make them bad people, it just means they show up when the team is winning.

      If you watch on TV you are supporting the Wilpons and their televison network. If you watch baseball at all then you are supporting the Wilpons because they get money from the central fund. Ditto merch. Ditto Ditto the radio.

      I get that you guys are angry, but I’m trying to tell you your efforts are misguided, You’re spiting yourself while helping the Wilpons in other ways. If you want to not help them then stop following Major League Baseball in every shape and form.

      We can change things. Present some constructive ideas on how to make the franchise better. Not just “sign Jose Reyes.: What’s the 5 year plan behind that? What’s the plan for 2012 if you sign Jose for $20m and have a very top heavy roster.

      Did you enjoy Pedro’s 3-1 year? How about the 5-6 season?

      How did you like Santana’s 0 IP last year?

      They have to punt on this year. There’s too much money tied up in too few players. Go enjoy a sunny day at the game.

  4. While I agree with your basic point that how we spend our money largely won’t affect the ownership of the Mets, I still believe that Fred Wilpon’s larger financial problems will prevent Jeff Wilpon from actually “owning” after his father is out of the picture because the Wilpon/Katz/Wilpon group will be forced to sell before that happens.

  5. I agree with you – if you enjoy going to games, go watch the Mets. Staying home probably punishes the fan more than the Wilpon family. Unless the court case against the current owners goes very badly, I don’t see why they would ever sell the team.

  6. Well I never purchased one black Met item, I forbid anyone in my household from doing so and they wore them for almost 15 years so I don’t think my ban had the desired effect. They are the owners, I don’t particularly like it but it is what it is. I’m a Mets fan that remains constant so just go and enjoy the game. You or me not being there isn’t gonna change anything it’s all about the journey in the end anyway.

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