The victimization of straight-shooting Mets G.M. Sandy Alderson | Capital New York

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One thing is clear.  Sandy accepted the numbers the way Howard laid them out below in what was a great question.

Alderson confirmed Thursday what has long been obvious to anyone paying close attention to the Mets, which is that the new austerity isn’t a function of any new “Moneyball”-type philosophy of quality-through-thrift. The payroll is being reduced because the owners said it had to be.

In fact, it is Fred Wilpon, the Mets’ C.E.O. and president, who  has been responsible for Alderson’s embarrassing, repeated need to revise his 2012 payroll  estimates—$130-150 million in February, $120 million in late May, $110-120 million in early September, and currently, under $100 million.

“Nice to know someone’s keeping track of what I say,” Alderson replied dryly to a question about the estimates during a telephone conference call with bloggers  on Thursday night.

via The victimization of straight-shooting Mets G.M. Sandy Alderson | Capital New York.

I still look at the roster and think Sandy is cleaning up a mess.  I’m not sure who exactly spending $40m on would make a difference.

Yes having Reyes at 5/90 would be cool, but what makes you think Reyes will accept $16m? We’ll see how that plays out but my money is on Reyes is gone based upon what I heard last night.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read the Amazin Avenue transcript of the call.

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  1. Alderson inherited an empty franchise on all levels.  He’s had to restock the farm and live with the fact that there are some poor contracts on the major league level and a tight budget.  I felt that this was a 5 year plan from the beginning.  We’d love to have a healthy Reyes at 5/90, but the bottom line is that someone is going to sign an unhealthy Reyes at 5/120 and it sure as heck better not be us.  The pitching staff should get the first attention IMO.

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