A special Mets tickets pre-sale code for you

On Wednesday February 29th at 10am (thru Thursday March 1st at 11:59pm) head on over to Mets.com/blogs and avail yourself of the special Bloggers Single Game Presale.

The presale code: HODGES

Thanks to our pals at the Mets for the code hookup and I’m thrilled to share it with you….AND YOU HAD BETTER SELL OUT BANNER DAY!!!!!!!

The Mets remind you that:

Note: Tickets are available online only, but if you have any questions regarding the presale please call our Ticket Services team for assistance at (718) 507-TIXX.

For complete ticketing information, see the ticketing section of Mets.com.

*A limited number of tickets for Opening Day (April 5 vs. Braves) and the Subway Series (June 22, 23 & 24) games will be available in this Presale. Each ticket purchaser is limited to a maximum of eight tickets per game, subject to availability.


So good hunting, get Banner Day tickets and I hope your ticket purchasing provides you happiness and you get what you want.

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3 Replies to “A special Mets tickets pre-sale code for you”

  1. Pardon me fellas, but this place seems a little bit – er – promotional lately! Given the lame promotion sked, the rickety outfield walls project, poor ticket sales, the bad choices for bobbleheads all on top of a team that was rated dead last in off-season moves, how about some actual “policing?” Hold this franchise’s feet to the fire in this, year one of the box of chocolates era.

      1. The walls seem rather cheap and temporary, chain link and scaffolding which in the case of LF, tears away one of the really nice design elements of Citi Field. Rather pathetic! You really start to hope nobody gets hurt.

        The bobbleheads are another disaster – they couldn’t find a single African-American player to honor? That’s pretty incredible. And Piazza and Alfonzo were contemporaries, not from different “decades!” The two best Mets of the 2000s were (and are) clearly Jose and Reyes and David Wright, but the eminences in what passes for Mets management couldn’t possibly go with the guy they didn’t offer a box of chocolates to (a top 5 all-time homegrown Met) or the guy they’re about to trade when he knocks a few homers over the Little Leaguish left-field “wall.”

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