Steve Henderson Mets subway ad needs home

Hello from somewhere far away and very dark. Oh body clock, why are we up so early?

Steve sent this one in. It’s very tempting to me, but my office is filled with Mets stuff. Maybe the actual @mets should bid on this.


I have the Mazzilli version and these are quite big. I feel the way I do when I se a cute dog at the pound and I can’t bring him home. I hope this finds a loving owner. Media Goon perhaps? Greg Prince do you have a basement? Mets you must have a hallway somewhere this could hang.

Mets pumpkin carver
I sure hope the 2012 Mets playoff ticket office looks this good!

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  1. I have 2 complete sets Mazz Hendersaon Youngblood Flynn Taveras and Swan I also have a set of caricatures Hope you love them Scott

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