The Mad Men Mets pennant

I didn’t get to watch Mad Men last night as I was on special assignment but Media Goon tells me “everyone” is talking about the Mets pennant again and that I should rerun the old post. So I shall…

Greg from Faith & Fear knows the deal..

As a Mad Men obsessive and detail-oriented Mets fan, I’m just going to go ahead and be That Guy and point out the following:

1) The pennant is in Lane’s office. Lane’s the Brit who has fallen in love with New York. Kenny Cosgrove has attended at least two Mets games we know of (in 1962 and 1963). I have a theory that Lane and Ken attended a game at Shea, maybe even enjoying drinks in the Charcoal Room afterwards, to plot Ken’s return to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Infer what you like about Pete’s or Don’s allegiances, neither has shown any interest in either local team.

2) The episode takes place in early May 1965, not 1964. (Greg was correcting one of many incorrect items in my original post which was about an older episode not last night’s.)




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