#imwith28, he is 28 (Daniel Murphy)

#imwith28, he is 28


WOW!!! Thanks Daniel!!!!!!

Folks, the next campaign for this blog is that we’re going to get this guy voted on to the All Star team. Y’all with me?

This is really awesome. I started the #imwith28 thing on twitter a few springs ago when those meanies in the mainstream media were writing this guy off . I love Dan’s hustle and willingness to play anywhere.

Last year i started hanging out during most of the games on twitter (@metspolice) and started using the hashtag around Daniel’s at bats. I particularly enjoy when Dan is up in a big spot and I tweet “Wait for it….” and then when he knocks in some runs a bunch of us punch in #imwith28.

I hope it catches on even more this summer and enters the lexicon.

If you’d like to express your support for our favorite player in t-shirt form click the link.

Thanks again to Daniel, to @mediagoon for the design, @the7line for making the tees look good and the behind the scenes folks who know who they are and made this happen.


Very very cool!!!! Thanks again Murph!

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  1. Great picture of him!….He sure can hit, He just needs to work on his fielding and get smoother with turning the double play.

  2. I saw someone wearing a green I’m with 28 t-shirt at a game in Port St. Lucie last week. didn’t grab a pic of it though.

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