Ralph Kiner introduces 2012 Mets, idiots boo Jason Bay

Ralph rules.  I must interview him about his dating resume.

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6 Replies to “Ralph Kiner introduces 2012 Mets, idiots boo Jason Bay”

  1. I heard that BIG PELF got an earful too from the Shea 2 faithful!

    We are still in first place today!….LETS GO METS!

  2. Wasn’t a fan of the booing of Bay & Pelf. I felt that if you’re not happy with them just don’t say anything, but that’s just me on this. Otherwsie OD was a good one, packed really. I thought the blue walls looked very good. 

  3. If I were to grossly underperform at my job in camparison to what I’m paid; I’d feel that getting booed everyday as I entered the office would be well deserved.

      1. Well, I’m not under contract, so I just would’ve been fired long ago.  But if I was, and I had a not small sample size of underperformance, yeah I’d expect to be told that I would never do it right.

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