How Keith Hernandez became #17 with the Mets

I still have some leftovers from my vacation..and a very busy sports schedule with the kiddies today.  If you ever wondered how Keith Hernandez wound up with #17

A fan of Mickey Mantle, Keith Hernandez wanted to wear No. 7 after he established himself with the Cardinals in 1975, but the number as assigned to veteran Reggie Smith. Hernandez inquired about No. 17; retired for Dizzy Dean, he was told. And No. 27 was assigned to pitching prospect Mike Barlow. Hernandez settled for 37. He hoped to wear 37 when he was traded to the Mets in 1983, but the number had been retired for Stengel.

via Citi Field about Nos. 37, 38 on Wednesday | News.

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