Pictures from Philadelphia – Batting Practice

As many of you know (if you follow @MetsPolice on Twitter) I had Shannon’s tickets for the game in Philly on Sunday.  Shannon’s only request – take lots of pictures. Before we get to the pictures, a few observations:

  • I saw a few dozen Mets fans scattered throughout the crowd.  What was interesting was that in a very unscientific observation I saw as many if not more Murphy jerseys and tees than just about any other named Met.
  • The Phillies crowd was pretty relaxed when it came to Mets fans.  A few friendly, or at least non-threatening comments here and there, but nothing like how things used to be (or how they sometimes are at Fake Yankee Stadium)
  • I thought it was a little disrespectful that the Phanatic started his antics during the opening ceremony for Jackie Robinson, but otherwise it was a nice tribute

Now the pictures.  I took some during BP (really love those solid blues) and the game.  The new roads look amazing.  The lettering really POPS even from the upper deck as you’ll see in some of the pics.

Pictures from Philadelphia - Sunday's Game
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