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The bold is mine and I still say (without ever having actually planned an All Star Game) that this could all have been hammered out in a three hour meeting.

Parking for satellite trucks?  Really?  In a city where there’s a movie shoot in midtown almost every day?

The formal announcement is late in coming. In years past, M.L.B. would announce the host and then formalize the details with the host city. All-Star Games have become so elaborate, though, that M.L.B. now negotiates many of the details with the potential host city before announcing the event. M.L.B. holds red-carpet events, parades and concerts, all of which require permits, police presence and traffic control. Satellite trucks need parking, convention centers are reserved and large blocs of hotel rooms are booked as well.

Talks with the city have been going on for some time, the person involved said, and the Mets’ financial problems and court battles were not a factor.

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All Star Game will be at Citi Field on July 16, 2013
Secret location of 2013 All Star Game to be revealed today