Citi Field All Star Game money goes to MLB

You get nothing.


“Every dollar generated from the event goes to MLB,” said Dave Howard, the Mets’ executive vice president of business operations. “The benefit is the opportunities that you present to your season-ticket holders, plan holders, customers and sponsors to be associated with it.”

Via the Wall Street Journal who did not use a photo of Willy Wonka in the original article.

So you want Citi Field All Star Game tickets...
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  1. good day sir!!!  ha ha!  any ideas or guesses on what kind of seats you’ll need next year to get an opportunity to buy all star tix?  i have a 20 game pack and i usually don’t buy more than that cause i live in jersey and its not possible for me to get to games mid week.  wondering if a 20 pack is enough for them to offer me anything…

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