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I really enjoyed SNY’s 50 Greatest Mets special and highly encourage the Mets to continue to develop (or purchase) such non Beer Money filler.

Below are my notes as I watched the special not knowing what was to come.  I did find the special to be “Generation Piazza” heavy, likely because of the availability of footage.

50. Wayne Garrett

49.  Bobby Bonilla.  As I said in the walk-up to this special, if you played more than two seasons you’re probably on the list.  Luckilly Bobby’s part of the special was shorter than it took you to read this sentence.

48.  John Milner

47. Ron Hunt

46.  Ray Knight

45. Hubie Brooks.  Glad he made it.  Kids, you woulda loved him back when “Hubie and Mookie” were paired the way “Doc and Darryl” often are.  Why’d he leave?  You wanted Gary Carter didn’t you?

44.  Roger McDowell

43.  Rick Reed.  The first surprise.

42.  Wally Backman.  I can’t wait to see the 41 who are better.

41.   John Stearns.  Great to hear Howie talk about him.

40.  Ron Swoboda.  The special shows a modern day Ron wearing the horrible black cap.  Horrible.

39.  Dave Kingman.   At this stage I think he should be higher but I haven’t seen the next 38 yet.  Definitely deserved more time in the special.

38.  Frank Viola.  Yeah, Kingman should be higher.

37.  Bob Ojeda.  Yeah, Kingman should be higher.

36.  Ed Kranepool

35.  Carlos Delgado.  Hmmm.  Kingman should be higher.  (KSBH)  Holy cow Delgado got a LOT of time.  Like more than everyone above combined.

34.  Kevin McReynolds.  Come on.  KSBH.

33.  Felix Millan

#1A.  Lee Mazzilli

31.  Robin Ventura.  I see how this goes..the more footage of you they have, the longer the segment.

30. Todd Hundley. KSBH.

29.  John Olerud.  KSBH.

28.  Johan Santana

27.  Lenny Dykstra

26.  Tug McGraw

25.  Jesse Orosco

24. Jon Matlack.  Niiiiiiccce.

23.  Sid Fernandez

22.  Rusty Staub.  Man Rusty always seemed huge back in the day.  Not when I look at old videos with 2012.  I guess players got a lot bigger once they started taking vitamins and working out more around 1995.  I’m also sad that everything I liked is now 30 years old.

21.  Tommie Agee

20.  Bud Harrelson.  I think Buddy is starting to be forgotten so I’m glad the old guys stuck up for him.

19.  Howard Johnson.  30/30 when that was a novelty.  Played SS some days.  Yeah.

18.  Jerry Grote.  Another name I’m glad the old guys stuck up fpr.

17.  Al Leiter.  This shows how few great players the Mets have had.  Al Leiter at 17?

16.  David Cone.  I will STILL rather have TODAY’s David Cone than Ryan Thompson or Jeff Kent in their prime.

15.  Mookie Wilson.  What was that clip they were showing?  Never heard of it.

14.  John Franco.  Longevity.  I know people like him and he seems nice and he was a captain but I never once thought a game was locked down.  Sorry.

13.  Edgardo Alfonzo.

12.  Ron Darling.  Koosman to Doc’s Seaver.

11.  Cleon Jones

Ok here we go..the Top 10!!

10.  Gary Carter

9.  Jose Reyes.  Don’t start.

8.  David Wright.  Hmmm the special went out of its way to mention he is the leader.

7.  Carlos Beltran.  Never appreciated when he was here.  I’m struggling with the names at 8, 9, 10 being below him though.

6.  Mike Piazza.  At six.  Discuss!  (I still personally find that 2001 home run to be overrated.  I know people treasure it but I’ve never “gotten it.”)

5.  Darryl Strawberry

The names coming are obvious to me….

4.  Jerry Koosman.  Glad he’s up there!

3.  Keith Hernandez.  The Captain.

2.  Dwight Gooden

1.  Do I have to say his name?  Do I have to say his name?  The Franchise.  Number 41.


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