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One of the wonderful things about Banner Day was that some of you learned of the other mascot Mettle the Mule. It’s a bit of revisionist history to believe the Mets loved Mr. Met as much as Mr. Met loves the Mets – Mr. Met disappeared for quite a few years.

The Mets even chose a mascot that mimicked their stubbornness: Mettle the mule. In 1979, the few fans who visited Shea saw the mule stride up and down the foul lines before games.

via When the Mets Had Mettle – NYTimes.com.

The internet suggests mules only live around 30 years so I doubt Mettle is still around, and Homer the Beagle is surely long gone (anyone got obits on either? Greg Prince? Ethan?) – but I’d love to see the Mets have some representative animals make an appearance. I was at the final game at Yankee Stadium II and saw Fake Babe Ruth so I don’t think Fake Mettle would offend anyone.

Come on Dave 😉

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