Ad for local baseball team appears on website of local loudmouth

Wow I feel kind of validated by this…

My top-ad is a rotator through a partner so it’s not so much that they bought “me” but it was kind of cool to see a Mets ad. it does make sense..I would imagine 99% of the folks who swing by here are Mets fans.

Come see Mets Strawberry, Kranepool, Swoboda, and Darling at Yonkers for Father's Day
Do you like this Big Punch Mets cap?

5 Replies to “Ad for local baseball team appears on website of local loudmouth”

  1.  You are being audience targeted based on your surfing behaviors throughout the internet (which is a good thing). Example: I’m seeing Cole Haan and Westin Hotel ads while I’m on your site. I frequent and I’ve recently stayed at a Westin. All makes sense and all good things. Giving users relevant ads. Are you going to the SpeedWagon concern? 🙂

  2. Almost all the top ads I see are for Kaspersky Anti-virus…which incidentally I already use and have ZERO chance of buying it by seeing the ads. Nice to know that my viewing habits are easily tracked for commercial purposes!

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