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Discount codes and links after the jump!Hey gang – so some open capitalism here.  I know some of you want to buy All Star Game jerseys or Los Mets jerseys (or if you are me, both.)

Do me a favor.  Start by clicking the banner below.  That has a tracking cookie enabled so MLB knows you were referred by me.  There’s no price difference, so you have to ask yourself if you’d rather a little money go to me and a little less go to the Phillies, Marlins, Yankees and the other teams (MLB centralized merch fund) or if you’d rather the Phillies, Yankees and Marlins get even more of your hard earned money.  No brainer.  So start here..

Shop for New York Mets Gear at!

But that takes you to the Mets page.  You should then see a big come on for All Star Game jerseys.  You can figure it out from there.

The Los Mets jerseys are harder to find.  In the search box just type “Los Mets.”  Easy right?

Then if I were you I would choose the code NEWSHOPPER and take 15% off.

I got a Dickey All Star and a Los Mets for $177 and change.  (Dickey for $101.99 and Los Mets for $67.99)

Not bad.  Start buying!

Now some of you want the All Star player/number t-shirts.

Well same drill.  Do your buddy a favor and enter Sports Authority by clicking the banner below.


Then in the search box type “mlb all star t-shirts” and you’ll see what you want. There’s a drop down menu from which you can pick your player.

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