Two Blue Dice and Ike Davis’ glove

Remember a few years back some dude started out with a paperclip and kept trading up and up until he had a house?  Well here’s a variant on that for charity.

I was contacted by @twobluedice about his project.  Sam is, in his words, “trading items over time with the ultimate goal of granting an ill child’s wish to go to the Super Bowl.  In my last trade I received Ike Davis’s authentic first baseman glove.  It is his custom glove from Wilson. Basically I am just looking to find the next trade partner for the glove and upgrade to the next item on my quest to reach the ultimate goal.  I figured the best place to start with this item is Mets fans.  I have my local media on the story now but have aspirations of getting this project bigger than that.  I would appreciate any help you can give me.  Thanks a ton!”

So I figured I’d do my small part and share the idea with you guys.  Here’s the glove and an excerpt from Sam’s blog about it…


Although the trader wishes to remain anonymous, I cannot thank him enough.  I traded the A-Rod Rookie card for a Game Model Ike Davis A2000 from Wilson.  Wilson makes Davis’s custom gloves that he wears on the field.  While this glove is not game used it is one of very few that were ever made.  This New York Mets Infielder takes this glove out on to the field with him each day in the big leagues.  This particular glove was never sent out to him and is in mint condition with him name stitched into the side.

I felt these last couple weeks as if the project was going to fail, but after this recent trade I know that it will be a great success.  I have been putting a lot of hard work into this whenever I can and it appears to be paying off.  I really do feel like this is going to change a kids life and I am thoroughly looking forward to the next trade.  If this item is something you are interested in trading for send me an email at  You can also follow along on the Twitter account @TwoBlueDice.  Thanks for all of you supports and I hope to hear from all of you soon!

via Two Blue Dice.

and an excerpt from a local paper..

“I’d like to get together with Children’s Hospital or Make A Wish Foundation, identify who that kid is going to be,” Annable said. “I don’t have a recipient picked out yet.

“I feel fortunate to be in pro sports, be where I am at my age. Now I want to see what I can get done for someone else.”

So if you’d like to trade for the Ike Davis glove contact Sam  You can also follow along on the Twitter account @TwoBlueDice.

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