Reprinted Mets No Hitter Tickets

I attended the no hitter. I have my ticket from that night framed and hanging on my wall. The Mets decided that they wanted to try to make some more money off the game by selling tickets to that game after it already happened. We all know about how there was either outrage about the tickets being reprinted and also some just didn’t care. But, there were questions raised. “Will someone who wasn’t at the game get a reprint of my ticket?, Will the tickets be labelled as a reprint?, etc..”
I was curious.I decided to order the reprints of my seats(I was at the game) just to see the differences, if any on the tickets.

This is my original ticket. Access to Promenade Club, seat number, and Ojeda on the front.


Here are the reprints- Seem to be same exact ticket. Doesn’t say reprint, or commemorative or any other type of wording to say not original ticket. The Club access is different then the original and so are the bar codes. Everything else the same.Including the Subway ad on the back.

Shannon btw owes me $50 for the tickets..I’ll send my expense report over to you later.


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  1. So you’re saying that some wouldn’t know that its a reprint? I attended the game as well, but have not ordered a reprint.

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