Open letter to Chipper Jones

Dear “Chipper”,

Congratulations on a successful major league career.

You will get no video montage from me.  You will get no standing ovation.

I will treat you with the same respect I treat my opponents when I play beach volleyball.  When someone makes a good play I say “good play dude.”  At the end of the game I shake his hand and say “good game.”

I try to beat him, he tries to beat me.

I do not think of him when I go home.  I do not care if he ever shows up on the courts again.

I’m focused on me and my team.  I’m getting older and every time I look around I see that everyone else seems younger.

Yet I play, and I hope the dude on the other side of the court loses every game every time.

I wish you a weekend of losses Chipper.

You will get no video montage from me.




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