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My oh my the blog is political today. This post has nothing to do with the Mets but the blog is and always has been about me (as I self-analyze and write my book which I need to finish).

This was the right decision. I’d love to know what changed between 4 and 6 o’clock that made Mayor For Life (term limits, pffft) finally realize nearly nobody wanted a race this weekend.

I trained for months. Slugged out runs every night after work. Never slept in on Sunday. Exactly – who gives a shit?

So I ran in my free time and can’t run the city on Sunday. BFD.

People don’t have power, heat, food, homes and in some cases their loved ones.

So I sort-of got in kind-of shape. I can run some other time. Whatever.

This is the right decision. It’s a shame that millions of people had to complain before Hizzonner figured it out.

Everyone go have a large soda and toast it up to Mike and whatever your political inclinations are, don’t forfeit your right to vote on Tuesday.

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