Pre-announcing the 2012 Mazzy Awards live ceremony

The last few years has given out some “awards” to various folks in the Metsoverse for some end of year fun (and some fun “filler” content.)

Awards in the past have included Blog Of The Year, You Own This Jersey, Fan Of The Year, Mets Executive Of The Year, Best Writer, Most Powerful Man In The Blogosphere, Zaniest and of course Best Looking.

Well @mediagoon and @the7line were chatting and they brainstormed that we should make it some sort of actual event and give out some actual awards.  Or at least pass around the one award over and over.

Details are to follow, and I will be sharing some fan-voting for the various awards as the days go by.

We’re going to try to have this at a location that’s reasonable for all to attend…maybe we can even get a cameo from a Mets Executive.  How awesome would that be?

Stay tuned, and any nominees or suggestions are welcome.  This is all fun and positive and hopefully we can all have a few beverages and some fun.

For the 2011 Awards click here.


This is a historic post, my first created on a Mac as blogging leads me further down the rabbit hole.


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