A letter from Metsburg131

Metsburg131 posted this in comments

Antagonizing a good number of your patrons at random off-season intervals apropos of nothing, and boring us to tears with someone’s random jersey collection seems like a recipe for success. Maybe its time to take your Beatles moment early Shannon. You’ve lost the mindset that once helped you make this site great. You once criticized a fellow blogger for bringing divisive signs to the game (criticism he manned up and responded to).

But now you are the divisive blogger, and in spite of countless posts from me and others asking you to man up and stop with that nonsense, you continue to beat that drum. You seem to feel under attack for your continued financial patronage of the team. If that is true, that sucks, and I am sorry for that. But as you know, that sort of thing goes with being in the public eye. Ask commander Lukas if he knows anything about that? But if you are going to respond to that bologna, do it with the individuals you feel have attacked you and not a broad swath of the people who visit your site, many good folks and good fans, who have chosen to speak with their wallets. It is not an easy stand we are taking. You may consider it foolish or futile. That’s fine. I feel it is the only recourse I have left and so I let my gut guide me just as you have let yours.

Why do I care any more? Who knows. Its silly but I once felt a part of this site… felt it was a community. That’s all hard to let go of I guess. But, if you keep prodding, I guess I’ll get there.

I do sincerely appreciate anyone having the passion to write in rather just click off, so let me address the points at hand.

<<Antagonizing a good number of your patrons at random off-season intervals apropos of nothing, and boring us to tears with someone’s random jersey collection seems like a recipe for success.>>

Hey, I like having tickets.  I also like joshing about the Wilpons super-powers.  Folks can buy tickets or not.  There’s another guy on the internet calling us schmucks.  I laugh at that and enjoy games with my son.  If I can work in a Star Wars reference along the way, I shall.

As for jersey of the day – we don’t claim it’s a major post.  It’s something to kill time with during the off-season.  I guess we could post nothing but we choose not to.

<<You’ve lost the mindset that once helped you make this site great. You once criticized a fellow blogger for bringing divisive signs to the game (criticism he manned up and responded to).>>

I suppose most people came to know the site because of some of the crankier posts.  However, much of the stated goals have been accomplished.  I’ve said over and over I want them to win the World Series while dressed nicely.  Might not be in 2013, I’m still going to games.

As for Darren – yeah I liked T7L2012 way better than T7L2011.  He can do whatever he wants, and he and I are cool and hung out several times last season – but I think the brand became even more successful by tapping into the good vibes in 2012 from Carter to Dickey.

As for the second and third paragraphs, I think you are well stated and I will take that under strong consideration in future posts.  Much of this blog is me just riffing.  Maybe sometimes I do something stupid.

What is fascinating to me is how divided the fanbase is.  People are very passionate about all of this.  Some don’t want to go to games, others do, some get upset at the topic.  We’re divided.  That’s not good, and that’s a great point you bring up and I do thank you for writing.


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4 Replies to “A letter from Metsburg131”

  1. Hey MetsBurg, You have the right to your opinion and that’s fine. If you don’t want to read the jersey posts it takes a tenth of a second to gloss over it. I gloss over posts on other sites that don’t interest me regularly. Now I am going to keep buying jerseys and posting them just to bore you(saying that joking around). Other people have liked the jersey posts, so can’t please everyone.
    That being said on every blog people aren’t going to agree with everything written on it no matter the subject. You want to not go to any games that’s fine but also don’t listen or watch the games on tv or radio because that revenue too goes to the mets. If you don’t agree with something said on the site that is fine, post a comment and we will discuss it but, I will tell you this, I will post what I want and not tailor it to the liking of others because it will never make everyone happy.

  2. What started all this? As Mets fans we should be united for one cause: cheering our team onto a championship. Falling short of that, just rooting them to be the best they can be. Jeez, all this in-house squabbling, you’d think we were arguing with some dumb Yankee fans. Lighten up, fellas. And keep lovin’ our team.

  3. I am not sure why he is so unhappy. No one is making him go/support the Mets. This is an option that we all have. I spent far more this year than i expected to and yes, I was very angry when nothing was done to bolster the team at the All Star break. However, I do know that deep down I will probably still support this team in 2013. I will watch SNY and I am already looking forward to the Hot Stove shows. This may be foolish but it is what I choose to do and I get a kick out of all the Jersey posts. So, Metsburg, it is ultimately your decision to read this site or not, but, please don’t assume that the rest of us are unhappy.

  4. I’m a Mets fan in St. Louis. I have seen only two Mets games in person at Shea (None at New Shea(I’m Still Calling it Shea)). I’ve seen a handful here in St. Louis (Less since the NL East isn’t what it used to be). I’m not a fan of the Wilpons. I can’t stand any black in my Mets uniforms. I purchased a 50th Anniversary 59Fifty cap this year and spent money on securing the gameday radio. I’ve listened to at least 80 or so games this year. My point is this: It’s sports. We are passionate about our team, but it’s still just sports. I love the Mets, always have and always will. Debating other fans is supposed to be fun and make us remember why we love this team. I will support my team with my money because I want to and the organisation is more than just the Wilpons. If others don’t, I won’t hold it against them. However, I will say that a full stadium is more fun than an empty one, even if the team isn’t in first place.

    You can’t please everyone, naturally, so there will always be people who don’t like something. I for one like the parade of Media Goon’s jerseys (even if it does make me jealous, for I have only 3 Mets jerseys) Reading blogs like this, following T7L, reading Supreme Commander Lukas’ site and listening to games makes me feel a part of the Mets community. I wear Blue and Orange here in a sea of red. I’ve never really felt a part of a sports community before. I do now.

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