Mets Jedi-mind tricked me into buying 2013 tickets


The weirdest thing happened yesterday. I’m sitting at my desk when suddenly my hands start typing out an email to my ticket rep at Citi Field.

The next thing I know is I’m on the phone getting tickets to the 15 games I picked, in the seats I want to sit in (aka “my” seats).

I read on twitter that this is a bad thing to do, yet there I was ordering tickets.

Now that I have these tickets I guess I will have to go to baseball games with my son and hang out with my friends. Maybe even see a baseball game while I am there.

Stay strong friends. Sit home another year lest the Wilpons trick you into witnessing a no-hitter, a 20th win or egads even an All Star Game.

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2 Replies to “Mets Jedi-mind tricked me into buying 2013 tickets”

  1. Antagonizing a good number of your patrons at random off-season intervals apropos of nothing, and boring us to tears with someone’s random jersey collection seems like a recipe for success. Maybe its time to take your Beatles moment early Shannon. You’ve lost the mindset that once helped you make this site great. You once criticized a fellow blogger for bringing divisive signs to the game (criticism he manned up and responded to).

    But now you are the divisive blogger, and in spite of countless posts from me and others asking you to man up and stop with that nonsense, you continue to beat that drum. You seem to feel under attack for your continued financial patronage of the team. If that is true, that sucks, and I am sorry for that. But as you know, that sort of thing goes with being in the public eye. Ask commander Lukas if he knows anything about that? But if you are going to respond to that bologna, do it with the individuals you feel have attacked you and not a broad swath of the people who visit your site, many good folks and good fans, who have chosen to speak with their wallets. It is not an easy stand we are taking. You may consider it foolish or futile. That’s fine. I feel it is the only recourse I have left and so I let my gut guide me just as you have let yours.

    Why do I care any more? Who knows. Its silly but I once felt a part of this site… felt it was a community. That’s all hard to let go of I guess. But, if you keep prodding, I guess I’ll get there.

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