Here’s the 2013 Blue Mets Jersey

8:44am – I guess the Mets knew I had a post ready for today called “As we wait for the Mets to show us the blue uniforms here’s the scoop” – well now i have to rip up that post since they have shared it with us!



That’s the home-alt.

9:30. Mets tweeted the below. I’m also wondering why the road hasn’t yet been announced. Really reliable sources tell me that they have seen the road versions.


10:46 via @coreynyc


Here’s the road alt



The regular homes with the ASG patch. Also via @coreynyc


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7 Replies to “Here’s the 2013 Blue Mets Jersey”

  1. I like them a lot… they look more or less like I imagined they would look which means they look more or less like I hoped they would look.

    After offering a little constructive criticism yesterday Shannon, I have not 1 but 2 olive branches to extend today.

    First, once again for the second time in about a calendar year, you deserve major kudos for your role in bringing the Mets out of the uni dark ages and back to their tradition of blue & orange. I know you deflect a lot of that credit, but truly you deserve it. You managed to get the team’s attention (no easy task!) and direct it to a problem they were mostly unaware of and then seemingly chose to ignore for a good while after first waking up to it, out of some personal affinity for black. You persisted. You united a lot of us behind the campaign (Blue Cap Army vets all). And you made it fun. So, job well done sir… and we are all grateful to you for that.

    Second, thanks for taking the time to respond to my comments from yesterday. You are always more than fair in allowing equal time to opposing views. I hate how divided this fanbase has become. HATE IT! The only thing I love more than the Mets is the fanbase that I have shared the ride with for the past 30 years. So, yeah it hurts when I take slack from people who criticize my stand (to me not unlike the one I took on Black unis), especially when that comes from someone I had been working with toward a common goal for the past several years. Hey, I hate that someone is calling people who still buy tickets schmucks. That person is misguided at best. We are all fans, mostly frustrated by the product on the field, and dealing with that in the best ways we see fit. I respect your response- hell mine was the same until last year- I just ask for the same respect. And as far as I can remember, even at the height of the anti-black uni campaign, this site never antagonized other fans for wearing or buying black jerseys. Just the team for perpetrating them.

    But today is not a day to harp on any of that. Today we can celebrate another victory for the BCA and raise an unnamed doughnut chain coffee to our fearless leader. Congrats and thanks.

  2. Mets #13, is that a Ronny Cedeno road jersey? I love the home jerseys, but the road ones don’t really do it for me. I do like the traditional gray jerseys from last season.

  3. 6 Jerseys?! 2 Blues, 1 Gray, 1 Cream, 1 White and 1 Black.

    As Starks said, “be careful what you wish for”…

    We prayed for the black to disappear and now they bowl us over with blues….which I dont mind…but seriously?! 6 jerseys?!

    The only way to avoid the confusion and klusterf*ck that the Mets might make out of this, I propose that they wear them as follows,

    Snow Whites during All night home games.

    Cream pinstripes during All day home games.

    Blue home alternates during Friday night games only!

    The dreaded fugly Blacks during Sunday night games only!

    Road Grays during all road games (day or night).

    Blue road alternates during Friday road (day or night) games.

    In this manner, no one is surprised to see what they are wearing on a nightly or daily basis. Everyone knows what to expect and the Mets avoid looking like the confused mess they used to resemble during the hybrid and black era.



  4. I should be more excited about the home alt, but the introduction of the blue BP last year kinda stole that thunder.

    The road top is drop-dead gorgeous. I want to buy it a drink.

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