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My plan is for the “cheapest” seats in the house, the Promenade Reserve.  In 2012, my 15 game package, which consisted of mostly “value” days, a couple of “classic” games, and the mandatory “marquee” game cost me $219.60 a seat for a grand total of $439.20 for my 2 seats. If I do the exact same plan in 2013, my price jumps up to $268.20 a seat. ($536.40 for 2). This translates to roughly a 22% increase.

The main culprit seems to be the “Marquee” game. Last year these were priced at $36. This year the Mets literally flipped the script and are pricing them at $63.

via The Apple: A Mets News Blog That’s 0% Accurate, 100% Funny: Checkmate: How The Mets Used The All-Star Game To Slip A Price Increase Past Plan Holders.

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Here's another clue for you all
Jose Reyes says Miami Marlins showed me I was wanted - ESPN (December 2011)