Happy recap: Cy Dickey, Blue Mets jerseys and ticket prices

A lot happened yesterday so Media Goon and I thought it best to let the blog breathe this morning to let yesterday’s stuff all get read.

The Mets announced new alt-home blue and alt-road blue jerseys.  You can buy one here.  There are now six uniforms for 2013.  Pinstripes (primary), sno-white alt home, blue alt home, road gray, road alt blue and dreaded black for days they want to look stupid or honor Mike Piazza.

RA won the Cy Young.

The Mets did some nice things.

I think your ticket prices may have gone up.  More on that when I can.  I’m writing this at 9:20 last night and Mrs. MP is about to interrupt me to talk about her day.   Here she comes…

Randy thinks his ticket prices went up

I think this speaks volumes.

 She left now and she’s pissed because I had the “why are you talking to me” face.  THE METS HAVE NEW UNIFORMS AND I HAVE TO DO LINKS DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND???

Anyway, some good stuff came in the comments, and I really haven’t dug into the ticket prices yet.  I’ll get to that as time allows in the next say 48 hours.

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