Time for the Vulcans to take over the Mets-Dickey talks

I just went out to the Unnamed Donuts Chain and caught some of Richard Neer who casually threw out there that while Dickey may not win 20 again you can pencil him for say 18 wins.


You can’t pencil ANYONE in for 18 wins.

Tim Lincecum won back to back Cy Youngs. When he WON he only won 18 games. Last two seasons he won 13 and 10.

Roy Halladay followed his Cy with 19 wins (good) then 11.

Clayton Kershaw won the Cy at 23 years old and followed it with a 14 win season.

King Felix, who won the Cy with only 13 wins, followed up with 14 wins and 13.

You can’t just pencil in a 38 year old journeyman knuckler for 18 wins.

Never mind the money, if the Mets 2013 plans are for Dickey to run off 17-18 wins then we’re all doomed.

You know how many times Dwight Gooden (who had better stuff than anyone) won 20 games? Once.

Some on twitter this week suggested Dickey leaving would be like Seaver leaving. I don’t even know what to say to that.

As I have written before – great guy, great story. I don’t begrudge him for trying to make the money in the limited window he has.

But he signed a deal, and the Mets who need a budget friendly contract have a budget friendly contract. That’s why we have contracts. I doubt that if R.A. had gone 3-17 he would be offering the Mets some money back.

I love the guy. I have spent time with him, he’s awesome. If they can get a big return, then do it. If they can have a good pitcher for 2013 and five million then great. The worst that happens is he walks out the door with two Cy Youngs at age 39 and someone else can overpay him.

R.A. Dickey is 38 years old and 41-50 career in seasons that don’t end in twelve. Leave the emotions at home and let the Vulcans handle this contract,

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11 Replies to “Time for the Vulcans to take over the Mets-Dickey talks”

  1. Whether Dickey wins 18 or not is largely determined on how they address the offense. If they get some really good outfielders, Dickey, Santana AND Niese may win 18.

  2. “Clayton Kershaw won the Cy at 23 years old and followed it with a 14 win season.”

    Yeah because wins are the way you should be objectively evaluating Kershaw (and the rest on your list) not the fact that he came in 2nd place in the Cy Young voting?

    This 38 year old argument is so tiring. We are in uncharted territory with a different kind of pitcher that has only gotten better over the last three years.

    You seemed to like the Marlins method of running the organization, I personally would like to see an organization with some identity. You don’t exactly build a brand with fire sales and removing your top talent every year. I find it unlikely the Mets get back talent that will replace the BEST pitcher in the NL over the next 3 years. Being in NY is suppose to allow you to keep your elite talent and supplement it. Sure if the demands are absurd fine trade them but I’m not buying into the rebuilding philosophy of trading away our best players that we should be able to retain for a reasonable price. Losing Reyes was bad enough. Not having Reyes puts us further from contention. Maybe everyone is just resigned towards moving towards a small market payroll. We lucked out with Wheeler / Beltran but it could have just as easily gone the other way and we knew Beltran was probably not interested in coming back anyways. Maybe Dickey will net us some superstar but he is a super star and probably will be for a few more years.

        1. What? How in the heck is Dickey “like a 28 year old”. Knuckleballers throw into older age yes, but then again Knuckleballers aren’t Dickey and don’t throw at that speed.

      1. Yeah he was 37 this year and what happened? Oh right he won the Cy Young…. Yes baseball has been played since the 1880’s and how many knuckle ballers have won Cy Young? How many players careers have projected like Dickeys? I’m going to go with none. I’ll take my risk with our current super star for a few years charting unknown territory vs the risk of some prospects or mid-level MLB talent. Two reasons this shouldnt happen, the contract demands of Dickey are absurd and the Wilpons being broke. Creating gaps to fill gaps instead of free agency because you are broke is no way for a large market team like the Mets to operate.

    1. Dallas, I would llike to know how Dickey is going to be the best pitcher in the NL for the next 3 years, I am pretty sure we will have to have about 30 key injuries in the league.

      I love the guy, but if you are predicting 60 more wins or just in general 3 more years like 2012 you have no business running a baseball team. Good thing is none of us do.

  3. Let me guess if I’m reading this right, or the message am getting is right. Irregardless of Dickey winning the CY Young Award, Irregardless of his accomplishments, Irregardless how weak they hate to nor want to admit the current pitching staff was last year, in which my understanding is there is little plan to change, they still remain concerned about his age, are challenging and questioning and to a point discrediting Dickey that he may or could repeat in 2013, that plain and simple age is still a concern to Alderson and the Wilpons, am I sounding like I’m on the right track here? Does this sound consistent with everything else everone has been reading on and about this issue? Does anyone here agree, if your going to dispose of a pitcher it would make more sense to use Johan Santana as the sacraficial lamb in this situation? I say that not meaning to offend fans, nor to discredit nor doubt Santana’s abilities. But fact is here, Ever since he pitched the no hitter, no run shut-out game he struggled for the remainder of the season. The chances of him not repeating the same and being more effective are no more, no less in my opinion any better than Dickey repeating what he accomplished in 2012. So I beg the question, who do you let go of, if Wilpon and Alderson insist on making a move on Dickey.

  4. Mr. Spock, I’m surprised at you. Dickey’s career record prior to 2012 is completely irrelevant. He spent the better part of a half decade refining his knuckleball and finally figured out a few things. Here are his 3 year key stats as a Met:

    Wins: 39

    Losses: 28

    ERA: 2.95

    WHIP: 1.15

    If you trade him, then you have to accept the fact that he may have several good years left in him. Realize that having a knuckleballer in your rotation helps all the pitchers by screwing up the timing of opposing hitters sometimes ruining them for an entire series. And that his arm may not hold up is pure speculation Mr. Spock. A 78 mph pitch ain’t exactly the Ryan Express, so he might be able to maintain this speed for a while.

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