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I just went out to the Unnamed Donuts Chain and caught some of Richard Neer who casually threw out there that while Dickey may not win 20 again you can pencil him for say 18 wins.


You can’t pencil ANYONE in for 18 wins.

Tim Lincecum won back to back Cy Youngs. When he WON he only won 18 games. Last two seasons he won 13 and 10.

Roy Halladay followed his Cy with 19 wins (good) then 11.

Clayton Kershaw won the Cy at 23 years old and followed it with a 14 win season.

King Felix, who won the Cy with only 13 wins, followed up with 14 wins and 13.

You can’t just pencil in a 38 year old journeyman knuckler for 18 wins.

Never mind the money, if the Mets 2013 plans are for Dickey to run off 17-18 wins then we’re all doomed.

You know how many times Dwight Gooden (who had better stuff than anyone) won 20 games? Once.

Some on twitter this week suggested Dickey leaving would be like Seaver leaving. I don’t even know what to say to that.

As I have written before – great guy, great story. I don’t begrudge him for trying to make the money in the limited window he has.

But he signed a deal, and the Mets who need a budget friendly contract have a budget friendly contract. That’s why we have contracts. I doubt that if R.A. had gone 3-17 he would be offering the Mets some money back.

I love the guy. I have spent time with him, he’s awesome. If they can get a big return, then do it. If they can have a good pitcher for 2013 and five million then great. The worst that happens is he walks out the door with two Cy Youngs at age 39 and someone else can overpay him.

R.A. Dickey is 38 years old and 41-50 career in seasons that don’t end in twelve. Leave the emotions at home and let the Vulcans handle this contract,

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