Supposedly the Marlins lied to Reyes. Waaah.


A source close to Reyes, asked if the shortstop also received verbal assurances from the Marlins that he would not be traded, responded, “The answer is yes. A vehement yes.”

Via Fox Sports

Maybe next time take more than a minute evaluating your offers. Snark aside, if your representation is trusting THE MARLINS on a verbal, you really need to think things over.

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2 Replies to “Supposedly the Marlins lied to Reyes. Waaah.”

  1. There’s a cultural blindspot where Jose Reyes is concerned, and I’m not sure why. The Mets made him no offer. He went for a big deal (as any of the current Mets fan favorites would) and now a narrow segment of the Mets fan base – sadly represented in this post! – seems to take pleasure in any modest and temporary discomfort the greatest shortstop in Mets history may now feel upon being traded to Toronto.

    I don’t get it. It feels kind of creepy and weird. And maybe I need to take a break from my fellow fans for a year or two. I’ve always loved this site and Shannon’s voice – but I just think this is over the top in terms of tone toward a player we all admired every bit as much as RA Dickey and David Wright, a guy who played with reckless abandon in front our own eyes.

    Waaaah, indeed.

  2. It’s because Reyes refused Loria’s offer to turn to the dark side. An epic lightsaber battle ensued, resulting in Ozzie Guillen being thrown down a reactor shaft in Marlins Ballpark.

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