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Not to distract from my rage but this is a good read.

The Mets’ commitments for ’14, according to Cot’s, are a mere $13.55 million. Bay’s deferral will add to that; he will be paid a combined $15 million in 14-15. Arbitration-eligible players such as first baseman Ike Davis and shortstop Ruben Tejada are not included in the total. And remember, Wright and Dickey are not currently under contract in ’14.

Still: $13.55 million. The number is so low, the flexibility so enticing, the Mets can practically start over. In fact, they can start right now, extending Wright and Dickey, back-loading free-agent contracts, playing their get-out-of-jail-free card a year early.

via The New York Mets financial picture is improved. Its time to reinvest in the team. – MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN.

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