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In today’s must read, David Howard spoke about the Opening Day ticket prices.

“It’s a very limited amount of inventory that was made available,” Howard said. “Most of the other [Opening Day] tickets are now being reserved for those plans and the packs. What we made available for the single game at this point was just that limited amount of inventory. However, even with that limited inventory, even at that starting price point, [sales] actually went very well. It was well-received. The majority of tickets sold yesterday were for Opening Day.

via Howard explains pricy Opening Day tickets – Mets Blog – ESPN New York.

As long-time readers know I like Dave and have actually spent a few hours with him.

“It was well-received” made me make a crinkled-face, but hey he’s got the sales figures and I don’t.   Maybe “they sold well” could be more appropriate and “it was received with mixed reactions” could be more accurate.  Again, I don’t have the numbers so I don’t know.

On April 1st I’ll have the numbers.

As I believe in Honor Among Bloggers I don’t want to endlessly mooch off Adam Rubin’s article so I encourage you to head over there to read all the quotes.

Nice job by Adam and nice job by Dave not letting this sit in silence for another 24 hours.  I still think the prices are off-the-charts-krazytown and will continue to discuss that feeling.

Now where’s COO Jeff Wilpon?

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