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But what got me was by the end of July, a sneaky email from my ticket rep, telling me I needed to figure out a payment plan by August 31.  I thought it was sent in error.  I was wrong.

You know what I did?  I contacted the super-heroes of the Mets community, Metspolice Shannon Shark and his cohort Mediagoon.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet with these fellows over the past year or so, and I like them.  I decided to report my grievance to those who consider themselves the police force of the fan base.  I asked if people had complained to them about this, that the Mets were pulling one over on the season ticket holders.  They were both like – no, what happened?  I explained, in detail, over email.  I copied quotes.  I had documentation.

I expected outrage.  I got nothin’.  So I wrote about it myself.  I don’t have nearly the followers or readership that a site like theirs has.  I figured, if they or someone else in the Mets community would pick up on it, something would be done.  It went off with a whimper.

Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you all.

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When I get an email from Media Goon telling me someone called us out I take it seriously.

Well I read the post and right-or-wrong I didn’t remember the conversation.  So I went into my email.

August 10th Taryn wrote: “Have you been getting any feedback from the season ticket holders on the early-early-early renewal plan?”

Goon wrote back he hadn’t heard anything.  I wrote back “None. What am I missing that should have me outraged? I assumed that’s all offseason stuff.”


Looks like she was on to something and we either (a) missed it, (b) blew it, (c) didn’t understand it or (d) got busy and it got knocked off our first page of email.

I also suck because I haven’t gotten around to posting about Statues which BPalm asked me to do on April 17th, Kevin sent me audio of Keith Hernandez discussing the Marlins audio on May 11th or Boomer’s request to write about Old Timers’ Day that he sent me on July 2nd.

So sorry if we let anyone down, it’s not a conspiracy.  Buy some stuff from the Amazon store in the sidebar – BELIEVE ME I’d be happy to sit on my deck in a jersey and work on Inbox Zero.  Until then, sometimes both Goon and I do other things to fund our lives.


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  1. Thanks for finally responding. I meant no disrespect – obviously, I came to you guys in August with the idea that you were fan advocates, and as such we could come to finding out whether fans were given the run around by the Mets ticketing team. That’s not to say I didn’t think it was all that important at the time. I took it up with my sales rep, told him that while I didn’t blame him, that I didn’t appreciate being told one thing but leaving out an important caveat.

    My only issue with bringing up you guys in this post (and let it be known, I brought up two other bloggers who are also prominent) is that all of a sudden, it’s a problem. If we, together, in the blogger community had done a little digging, maybe we could have, I don’t know, changed things.

    Getting back to traditions are important. And I have applauded and respected you guys since day one. But hey, I know I’m not the only one who realizes there’s an agenda of self-promotion at all these blogs. And yes, this is speaking from someone who has also had “access” at some of these events.

    I wasn’t casting blame, I was merely using our conversation as an example from months ago. But hey, next time someone gives you a scoop or wants to do some digging, don’t blow her/him off :). When something is important to you, you do some digging, right?

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