METS Org. Must Have Lost Their Minds on This One


PSSSSSSTTT… Hey Mets…YEAH YOU…I have a question for you guys.. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? The moves you made to be more fan friendly have gone up in smoke. Do you guys realize that even before you released the ticket prices for Opening Day 2013 that the fans were already upset with you?

Come on. SIXTY-THREE dollars for the uppers? You couldn’t even fill the seats for the last couple of months last season. People on twitter are calling this a money grab just because it is Opening Day? Field a contender and you wouldn’t have to worry. How short sighted can you guys be? Are you guys trying to make people buy plans? If so that isn’t the way to go about it. I have a 20 game weekend plan and i don’t have Opening Day. Did I mind that I didn’t have it? Not so much because I figured I would do what I did last year and just buy a ticket closer to the game date. I hardly think that is going to happen this year.

If I were you I would really look at the other blogs and twitter today guys. A fan base that was already Anti Wilpon just got a huge win over us guys that enjoy baseball games. Now, its going to be even harder for Shannon and I to say, hey we like baseball games and hanging out with our buddies at Citi Field. How are we going to hang out with them if you guys got them so angry that they don’t want to show up? I hope you sign Dickey and Wright to some deals and make some moves player wise or I could see a lot of trouble on the horizon if you don’t from the fans.

Nice job Wilpons, Mets, and anyone else who came up with this pricing.


I just made this pic to show how I feel about this.


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