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Dear Jeff Wilpon,

You are the Chief Executive Officer of the New York Mets. I could call out Dave or someone in the ticket office but I’m calling out you.

I want to know why you signed off on tickets starting at $63 for Opening Day.

Your answer may be as simple as “supply and demand” and if so, fine. Then we will all know where we stand with each other and your customers can decide if you are gouging us or not. Then we’ll know that your intention is to grab every last nickel from us every time.

Your fanbase is angry again. Don’t hide. You can get 5 minutes with WFAN if you want. I’m sure Matt Cerrone would publish a letter from you. If neither of them will give you a voice you’re welcome to have a letter published here.

Why did you sign off on a $63 Opening Day ticket? Your customers need to know.


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