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This is a ritual for me and many fans- the DIE HARDS – not the white collar corporate suits that sit behind home plate and barely watch the game. I know that this is a capitalistic society and the law of supply and demand is the rule, but to raise the price of the seats that I sat in last Opening Day by almost 50% is reprehensible. Maybe if the team raised their payroll and imported quality players, re-sign David Wright and R.A Dickey – or better yet do all three things, then I can see the justification of raising the prices of seats.What this boils down to is that my wife and I may just skip Opening Day this upcoming season – and that saddens me . Fred, Jeff, Unkie Saul – WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ?!?

via This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty: The ” I’m Livid !!!” Edition 11-20-12 » Real Dirty Mets Blog.

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