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My oh my what a day yesterday.

I feel bad for this organization.   They can’t get out of their own way.

I feel bad that I’m not telling you about the Hurricane Relief community stuff they did yesterday. Normally this blog and the other blogs would have been all over that.  Instead they started Opening Day pricing at $63.

I’d love to share with you the pictures of Mr. Met at the mall the other day.  Instead we’re going to talk about $63.

I’d love to be singing the praises of the blue jerseys.  Instead we’re going to talk about $63.

I feel bad that Dave Howard was the one who had to talk to Adam Rubin about the ticket pricing.  Jeff was available yesterday for comments.  I read on other blogs that Jeff had something to say about Dickey and Wright.  As far as I can tell the Chief Operating Officer did not speak about the issue.  So we’re going to keep bringing up $63.

Maybe the COO didn’t know about the issue.  Well, then that’s a problem because his staff may not be doing a good job of reporting up.  Since I have met most if not all of these folks I find that hard to believe.

Maybe the COO does know about the issue.  Does he choose not to address it?

Did Jeff know about the pricing options in advance?  Did Jeff find out by reading tweets?  Maybe Jeff still doesn’t know how much his people are charging for his product?  I guess that is possible.

Maybe Jeff found out, was as wigged out as I am and yelled at everyone behind the scenes.  I don’t know.

Maybe he hi-fived them and giggled with his assistant Smithers.  Does he have an assistant named Smithers?  I don’t know.

Maybe Jeff was the one that picked the price point.  I don’t know.

No matter how I look at it, Jeff Wilpon is the Chief Operating Officer and I’d like to know his thoughts on the subject.  If it’s as simple as “supply and demand” then just tell your customers it’s supply and demand.

Then we’ll know how you think and we can behave however we choose.

I’d like to blog about nice things.  I caught a lot of grief in 2012 because I wrote about nice things, but I like blogging about nice things.

I have said all along I wasn’t about making up crap to complain about, and that this blog was about my feelings.  In 2012 I enjoyed the ride.  Many of us had a fun season.  Loyal to the last out, right?

Today, instead of thinking about community service and nice uniforms I keep thinking about what $63 (plus fees) gets you.

Here’s the Opening Day product as far as I can tell.  An infield of Ike, Murph, Tejada and Wright.  Not bad at all.  Dickey on the mound and somebody will catch.

Then I think of the outfield.  Duda, Nieuwenhuis and Baxter?  Maybe they re-sign Torres?  Duda, Nieuwenhuis and Baxter?  Really?  Baxter has 56 career hits and Kirk has 71.  Sixty-three dollars?

What exactly is the plan here?  Grab whatever money you can on Opening Day because nobody is coming to see this crap until the Yankees fans invade?

Albert emailed me his 2012 invoice.  If it’s a forgery then Albert has done a great job of punking me for 5 years so he could make me look like a fool.

Well, that’s interesting. I checked my handy Mets Seating Chart and see that Section 138 is in “Left Field Reserved” (that’s on the LOWER deck just so nobody gets confused here.)  How much do you suppose that will go for in 2013 on Opening Day?

I see..seats that were $56 are now $130.

So Mr. Wilpon the COO I am looking to you again.

Someone in your organization decided that following a season where the Mets attendance was reported at 2.242 million…..

….which is down from 2011’s reported  2.378M

….which was down from 2010’s 2.559M

….which was down from 2009’s 3.154million

And following a 74-88 season 

…which followed a 77-85 season in 2011

….which followed a 79-83 season in 2010

…which followed a 70-92 season in 2009

….Someone took all that data, and a starting OF of Duda, Nieuwenhuis and Baxter (and whoa maybe Andres Torres in the mix if we’re lucky) with someone catching…someone took all that data and said lets take the $56 seats and charge $130.

Jeff you’re the COO.  You either made the decision, approved the decision, or someone in the organization made the decision without running it past you.

I’d love to hear your comments.  I think we all would.

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