Mets’ David Wright is never ever going anywhere (Penultimate edition)


As I told you many many times here and on @metspolice, David Wright is never ever going anywhere.

If Tom Seaver is The Franchise, David Wright is The Brand. He’s the face that you can slap on the cover of anything that needs a cover. He’s the one that will greet the VIPs at 4pm before night games. He’s not going to be caught with a zebra at 3am in a shady neighborhood. Clean cut and marketable.

David can show up at every Big Day starting in 2020 and all the way past the end of Bobby Bonilla’s contract. The Brand.

My 9 year old’s favorite player will be around until Junior has disposable income of his own and can buy the old man some tickets ($63 for Opening Day in 2020 is still a ripoff even at 2020 prices by the way).

The Mets aren’t any better than yesterday, but they have finally defined themselves as a brand. Now go win a World Series while dressed nicely so I can shut down my blog.

Oh, and just one more thing….


….I told you so.

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