Seems there is a new Mets cap

We have heard rumors of the “press conference cap” and this is a press conference.


Update: @mets_bro who has the utmost street cred says this is NOT the press conference cap. So I guess it is an alternate on-field cap.

Looks nice




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5 Replies to “Seems there is a new Mets cap”

  1. I kinda of hope that this is the alternate cap. The orange really adds a lot of pop to the new set. I’ve been hoping they would do this for a while. Still can’t beat the classic cap and pinstripes though.

  2. I have a very similar cap, which I bought two years ago; no white outline on the NY, but with thin (faint) orange pinstripes on the blue. Very similar.

  3. They did sell this cap at Citi in 2011. 5950, fitted and with the same white outline. Where the MLB logo will be on the back, mine has the Mets script. Will be interesting to see when and where it is going to be worn.

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