Why do the Mets keep uniform variants a state secret?


See that? That’s the Astros Launch Party.

The Astros have new uniforms. To unveil them they decided to have some fans over. Looks like a good time.

Yesterday, the Mets dropped a new cap from nowhere on everyone. I haven’t done the rounds yet, but as far as I have seen there is no word on what it is.


I assume it will be worn with the home blue since that’s what David is wearing. Will it be worn with the less-orange roads? Did David grab a fashion cap off someone because his hair didn’t look good?

We don’t know.

Why don’t we know?

The Mets aren’t even good at Wag The Dog. Feed the stupid annoying blogger(s) some info so they stop harping on $63 tickets for a day…which reminds me….


Jeff Wilpon will be on Staten Island today. Ask him the $63 question. Get the quote! Maybe the quote is “we think that’s what the market will bare” or maybe it will be “What! That’s insane! Who approved THAT?”


….we now resume a uniform rant, already in progress.

Every year the Mets do a Hispanic night and at around 5:30 someone snaps a picture of the Los Mets jersey design for that year. Why keep this a secret? Why not share it with the world days in advance?

I am able to find out what the Brewers plan for their Spanish and Italian variants. I find out about GIGANTES. But Los Mets? A secret.

How about the 1989 Turn Back The Clock jerseys themes wore in San Diego last year? We had the story right, then the MetsBlog guys convinced me we had it wrong. I mean, they are an arm of SNY, of course their info would be better than this stupid blog.

Nope, the story was right. Why did the Mets wait until late afternoon to share the design? Announce this stuff in advance!

The 2013 blues? A boring press release. Again, see how the Astros did it.

The 2012s were at least announced at a proper press conference. But you know what, Richard Sandomir doesn’t seem to care what they wear. Invite Joe from Astoria. Copy what the Astros do.

(I actually hope the Mets never tweak uniforms ever again making most of this post unnecessary.)

Look Mets – this is easy – if you’re wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day then share the design a few days early. It’s not like we won’t tune in to look.

If you’re having Klingon Night ,share the design early.

If you are going to have The Brand show up in a new cap then you should tell your customers what he’s wearing. We might buy one. This is a business, right?

Opening Day tickets start at $63. Someone ask Jeff Wilpon about that.

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Seems there is a new Mets cap

14 Replies to “Why do the Mets keep uniform variants a state secret?”

  1. You expect the two Daves and Jay Horwitz, the Mets bumbling marketing and public relations crew, to be any different off-season?

  2. Im going to go with that the hat was presented to them at the trade show that is part of the winter meetings and they decided to put it out there to gauge interest on it. For the other stuff, I dont understand why they dont push it and promote it and try to SELL SELL SELL!!! They’re just not very smart or creative when it comes to promoting their gear.

  3. Maybe it’s the enormous cheap knock-off market that exists in NYC? The sooner they get a hold of the new uniforms, the fewer “official” pieces of merchandise the Mets can sell.

  4. I think it’s the front office’s mentality in general. They know how ridiculously on top of everything this fan base is, and they don’t seem to be the type to let info leak early. IDK why they didn’t release it with the uniforms though. I figured the blue hat, orange brim was going to happen eventually. Would look much better without the white outline

  5. Bad comparison.

    The Astros totally re-branded; new logo, wordmark, jersey, cap, different color scheme. The Mets added 2 jerseys in a style we’ve already seen, which they announced they were going to do last year.

    There’s gotta be something better to get worked up over.

  6. I figured they didn’t want to introduce the hat during the 25% of sale. I agree though, someone in the PR department needs to be either fired, or given remedial promotional lessons. SHEESH!!

  7. Whats the big deal? Didnt know the Mets had to run all uniform decisions by bloggers. I liked watching the press conference and being surprised by the hat or turning on the game and seeing the Los Mets jerseys. I couldn’t care less if the Mets change their uniforms and wear black blue orange green or yellow, at the end the day its who wins the ballgame. Lets worry about how the team plays and not what they wear.

  8. Maybe Astros do this cause they have nothing exciting happening next year other than moving to a tougher division?

    I understand the uniform variants but sheesh, how many changes just to sell uni’s?

    I say a variation when an anniversary comes up for historic season, player, et

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