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Within a 10-year span, ’78 – ’87 (by which the “official” rule states is the minimal requirement for eligibility to the Hall of Fame), Hernandez won an MVP Award, 10 straight Gold Gloves, two Silver Sluggers and went to five All-Star games. He finished seven times in the top 10 in doubles. Four times he finished within the top five in runs scored. Hernandez finished four times within the top seven in walks. He was seven times in the top seven in OPS. Hernandez landed five times in the top 10 in runs created. Seven times, Hernandez finished in the top three in times on base. He was in the top 10 in games played a total of six times. To top it off, Hernandez finished third all-time in assists at first base with 1,682.

via Keith Hernandez: Is He Hall of Fame Good? « MLB reports.

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