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In many ways the return of the return of Banner Day is more important than the 2012 event. It’s one thing to nag a baseball team to have an event in the middle of a 50th anniversary celebration, but it’s another to see the day return.

Our high holy day looks like it is back on the annual calendar, and you should find the time to make a sign and show up. Tickets start at a very humane $20. You could buy three tickets for the price of some other games. Bring two kids!

One thing I felt last year was that the Mets had lost a generation of enthusiasts. Generation Piazza didn’t know from Banner Day and they looked as us old colors like we were nuts.

However once the day took place I think more people “got it” and some felt like they missed out. Hopefully that will translate to a bigger crowd and bigger parade.

Also I got the vibe that “the Mets” (meaning the management) were very happy with the day. Not all of them had been around the last time it took place, but their words and smiles suggested they were digging it.

There were three magical days at the ballpark last year: Banner Day, Santana and Dickey 20. That’s three in the entire history of the ballpark. Sure there were some with potential but neither Opening Night in 2009 (thanks stupid Padres for refusing to play a day game) or Reyes Plays An Inning are worthy. Banner, Santana, Dickey.

I hope you’ll join us.


That’s my 2012 entry. Dave and I shared a wonderful wordless laugh when I walked by. It was my favorite moment of 2012.

Now here’s my problem and let me get waaaaaay in front of this one. That day is Junior’s birthday. We learned of Banner Day last night around bedtime and he already started guilting me that I can’t go and have to spend the day with him. So then this happened…


…which means I will catch five months of looks while I try to Jedi-mind trick Junior.

I thought we had a deal last night. He said give me $100. I said done. Then he went back on the no-way kick.

This morning I thought I might be able to convince him that his birthday would be awesome if be got to meet David Wright. I don’t know how I’m going to get David Wright to agree to this but that’s tomorrow’s problem. Might have to turn to my bromance with Dave for a favor.

“Uncle @mediagoon” I’m gonna need your help brainwashing the kid and Marge on this one.

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