The 7 Line’s Opening Day Outing

$95 gets you a ticket to the game along with a special event t-shirt and custom sunglasses! We will also have thunder sticks and other goodies for everyone in our section!

While that price may sound steep this is the CHEAPEST ticket available on the field level. Others to the left and right of us will be paying no less than $130. And those in the upper deck start at $63. Add up all the things we are tossing in and this price is a bargain.

via The 7 Line | For the Fans. By the Fans..

I wanted to share this offering because I think Darren has really plugged into something good here…good vibes…and I’m really supportive of his outings and think that the Dickey 20 outing was one of the good stories of 2012.

$95 bugs me – but I think I have to look at it as Ticket Price + x.

The problem is Ticket Price and that comes back to the Mets and their choice of Opening Day pricing schemes about which I’ve been fairly outspoken.

I guess the solution here is to split the discussion.  We all like going to Opening Day.  I’m going to Opening Day with Junior.  I just don’t know how much it cost me because I just agreed to the number for my full Choose Your Own 15 Plan.  It never occurred to me to look at the breakout.  Maybe I’m a fool.

So once we separate the two your choice becomes should you want to go to the opener, what do you want your experience to be.  You can pay $63 and sit upstairs.  You can pay $95, be with a bunch of super-fans, get a t-shirt, sunglasses and a thunderstick.  You can sit somewhere else (like me, in “my” seats).  You can stay home.

This post is to share another option.  I still hate the $63 starting point.

Mets stuff I didn't get to today (in picture form)
Not Media Goon’s Mets Jerseys #63

5 Replies to “The 7 Line’s Opening Day Outing”

  1. I’ve gone to Opening Day last few years, I’m debating this year once I heard the $63 for Promenade. Though this 7line offer is intriguing.

  2. Does opening day really matter that much anymore in the scheme of 162 games? Plus it’s the Padres! Sorry it sound like the Mets are price gouging. I bet they don’t sell out because of it!

  3. I had a great time with Darren’s crew at Dickey’s 20th win last season, but the price for that game was like $30-35. It’s a lot of fun to sit with a bunch of like-minded people who you may have spoken to or follow on twitter or whatever the case may be, but the price is keeping me away completely. It’s nothing against Darren as I think he does a great job promoting the fandom and getting people to feel invested in the club, but I can justify dropping just about $100 on a game when I can hit StubHub for the next 10 games for the same price it’ll cost for Opening Day.

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