The Mets plan seems to be to win at most 65 games. Here’s why.

I need everyone to pay attention here.  The bold is mine.

I would expect the roster will look similar to the way it did at the end of last year — with some exceptions,” Alderson said Tuesday. “Its hard to speculate. When you think about it, the trade market, signing free agents and so forth, its relatively young in the season. Its hard, really, to accurately predict where things will end up.”

via ESPN Wait til next year? Not so much.

The way it did at the end of last year.

I don’t know how Sandy defines late, but I do have a calculator so I’ll let you guys pick which definition you prefer.

After June 3rd (return of black uniforms) they played .398 ball.  That projects to 64.4 wins!

After July 1 they played 378 ball  That projects to 61.2 wins.  Also known as 100 losses.

After August 1st they played .404 ball  That projects to 65.4 wins

After September 1st they played .379 ball  61.3 wins again..or 100 losses.


Sandy is a smart man.  He was into Homeland before any of you.  I’m not going to guess which version of “end of last year” he wants to pick.  I’ll give hi the benefit of the doubt and roll with August 1st and the best-case 65 wins.  In a year when a knuckleballer won 20 and the Cy Young.  That could happen again, right?

How can the Mets expect to roll the same roster out there and not lose at least 88 games again?  (My calculator tells me that’s 74 wins…or roughly 10 games better than the roster at the end of the season played.)

Sandy…dude…come on.

You guys are punting on 2013 and need to be honest with the fans.

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5 Replies to “The Mets plan seems to be to win at most 65 games. Here’s why.”

  1. the thing is, even if he went out and signed Josh Hamilton and Zack Greinke, 90% of the roster would still ‘look similar to the end of last season.’ So, I guess it depends on your definition of ‘different.’ Personally, I’m more concerned with the standings looking different. The roster on Dec. 12 is meaningless to me.

    Plus, Shannon, you know better that to take anything a CEO says in literal terms. They’re paid to manage expectations, and hopefully exceed them, not be open and honest about every step they take.

  2. I feel the pain here, but there are a couple of fundamental, structural problems with this post.

    1. The idea that Alderson is listening – in any way – to the fan base. He’s made clear his contempt for the mere knuckle-dragging fans who’ve followed the team for decades.

    2. The assumption that the GM “is a smart man.” He’s not, at least in terms of running a baseball team. He merely plays one on TV sometimes. But I believe reports of Alderson’s intelligence and skill were basically on the same level as reports of Jason Bay’s offensive contribution to the Mets.

    3. The assumption that Alderson is actively working to improve the team. That’s not his mandate. His mandate is to cut the franchise down to size, and then leave. He’s on track for what he (and Bud Selig) started out to do.

    4. He’s not “Sandy.” He doesn’t know you. He doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know any Mets fans or bloggers. He’s not our pal. He’s far, far removed from any concerns about the Mets that we might have.

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