Mets Raise Single-Game Ticket Prices for 2013 –

While we all wait for R.A. news, this is the must-read of the day.  Finally a mainstream media outlet is paying attention.  I just wish they hadn’t decided to pay attention on a Saturday morning between a national tragedy and a Dickey trade.

The artice even mentions how the cheapest Yankee ticket is $63, up from $36.

Dave Howard, the team’s chief of business operations, told ESPN New York that the higher single-game ticket prices were designed to encourage fans to buy season-ticket plans that include access to a top-valued game as well as discounts on tickets in other categories. While the tactic is a well-worn one, many fans feel they are being unfairly squeezed by a team that has underperformed and has yet to demonstrate it is free of the financial duress caused by the Bernard L. Madoff fraud scandal.

The Mets declined several requests for comment.

via Mets Raise Single-Game Ticket Prices for 2013 –

We shall see if the Mets have chosen wisely.

This needs to change
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  1. This Mets strategy only works, if you as Met fans in New York let it. If you buy tickets direct and at those prices from the Mets you are endorsing this policy.

    I am going to bet that they don’t sell out of come close to selling out opening day!.

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