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In a lengthy blog-post Ken Davidoff expands upon his comments on Saturday.  It’s a must-read, excerpted here.  Note some of the original formatting didn’t carry over and I tried to replicate the original.

 “What other examples do you have of Dickey being self-absorbed?”

a) When he supported the idea of pushing to charge David Wright with an error so he could get a no-hitter in Tampa Bay. The Mets never should have initiated this idea, but Dickey, who needed Wright as a teammate, could have and should have put a stop to it. You think Wright was happy about being put in the middle of this?

b) In Dickeys book, he wrote about Mike Pelfrey injuring his shin while kicking field goals on spring training of 2011, as part of a silly bet Pelfrey had with Wright. Is this a horrible action by Dickey? No. But its an example of him violating teammates confidences to boost his own cause; its a funny story, but it makes Pelfrey look bad. Its why Dickey wasnt a particularly popular teammate.

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