Holiday Gift Ideas for Mets Fans

This post will be regularly updated so I can make enough money to afford $63 seats.

Well Mets fans, you’re running out of time.  Your wife is probably saying to you, “we are going to see your cousin on Saturday, did you get him anything?” and you are running out of time.  Fortunately between this Gift Guide and Free Amazon shipping you aren’t totally hosed.

RA Dickey tee shirtThis first item isn’t too expensive and I think it will be cool.  Yes he’s on the Toronto Blue Jays, but someday he will return.  How about a cool R.A. Dickey t-shirt?

Also a blue Mets jersey is a winner.  Maybe even get a 43 Dickey before it gets moved to the throwback aisle?

This box set is pretty awesome, the New York Mets 50th Anniversary Collector’s DVD SET.  So far this is a best-seller and quite a few people have been purchasing them.


You never know where you might wind up.  Sometimes you wind up in Canada.  Be prepared by reading Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball



If you’re looking to spend a little less…under $13 gets you the DVD of New York Mets 50 Greatest Players   And it works out that $63 minus 50 for 50 years.  You could buy FIVE of these or you could sit in the upper deck by yourself on Opening Day.  THIS ONE IS $7.99 TODAY

And Baseball Greatest Games: Santanas 2012 No-hitter is under $7!  You could buy this for seven of your friends or you could sit in the upper deck by yourself on Opening Day.  THIS ONE IS $5.99 TODAY.  So you could actually get ten!

A few stocking stuffers…the great Greg Prince has a new book.

The always interesting Howard Megdal has a book

And I love this book.

mfilesFans of the weekly The M-Files column will enjoy the rest of the list

Now this isn’t Mets related but it’s still a great gift The Dark Knight Trilogy (Batman Begins / The Dark Knight / The Dark Knight Rises) [Blu-ray].

Also let’s not forget @metsgm Sandy Alderson’s favorite show Homeland: The Complete First Season.

Last time I spoke to Sandy he wasn’t into The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season but it still would be a nice gift for him or someone you love. In case you haven’t seen it this is a show about I dunno, vampires or something.

Speaking of Zombies..for some quality reading try The Feed Trilogy

It seems Mets RP Frank Francisco had a bone spur removed today
Media Goon's Mets Jerseys Number 71

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  1. For your cousin’s Christmas party this weekend you are cutting it close if you didn’t get me uh I mean him anything yet.

    Also the feed trilogy is awesome except the third book is a little bit like a cop out

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