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Looks like today’s must-read is in Newsday.  Some excerpts…

The records show that ballpark-related revenue such as premium ticket sales, concessions and parking has declined 43 percent since 2009, the stadium’s opening year.

The article is fascinating…seems they used the Freedom of Information Act to get this info!

Dave Howard, the Mets’ executive vice president for business operations, said he believes the team — and its finances — are on a positive trajectory, although he would not comment specifically on the latest financial records, citing team policy.

“We feel we are at a point where we are starting to move in a positive direction and we feel that our price to value is right where it should be,” he said. “And we’re confident that the team is going to continue to improve, and then everything will therefore improve.”

But then there’s this which many of us have said all along

The Mets did, however, see an 18 percent increase in concession revenue from a year ago, marking the first increase in that department since the stadium’s opening. That, experts said, indicated the Mets must have gotten more fans inside the ballpark at discounted prices, and once there, they spent money.

I have some new favorite quotes I will be using all winter.

“We certainly are not punting on 2013”

and now “our price to value is right where it should be.”

Opening Day tickets start at just $63.  Come see Duda, Kirk, Baxter, Dickey and the rest of the Mets!

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