Metsivus 2012: The Airing Of Grievances

Fans, I can’t believe another year has passed and it is once again time for The Airing Of Grievances.  This year for Metsivus I am airing grievances with some of those I love the most.  This is what Metsivus is all about.  We need to let go of our anger.  Interestingly, many of my grievances are from the last week or so.  My mood really changed after the $63 thing.

Let us begin.


Terry Collins.  Colactus, I love you – but you and I both know you messed up on June 1st.  You should have walked over to Johan after the 5th and said “don’t even think about it.”  He was already at 75 pitches.

The team was in contention.  Instead, everyone got drunk on no-no-juice and the wheels came off.

sandy alderson @metsgm

Sandy Alderson.   Sandy, we all know you punted on 2013.  It’s OK.  But don’t lie to us.

ra dickey blue mets uniform

R.A. Dickey  Much like you threw a one-hitter, you were almost perfect in your time in New York. However, the Christmas party was not the time to start trouble. You’re too smart for that.  We love you and we’ll see you on the flipside.

ken davidoff

Ken Davidoff.  Whew, you just made it.  I really like the way you have been going back and forth with fans via email but come on dude, Mike Piazza is a first ballot Hall of Famer.

mets black ball logo

Kevin Kierst (and/or Unnamed Mets Official).  Metsivus is hard sometimes.  We can really love someone but still have to get the grievances out of the way so that we can love each other in the new year.  I love Kevin.  Kevin restored uniform dignity to the Mets.  Yet on John Franco Night, the Mets dressed like a softball team.  Maybe it was Fred’s decision not Kevin’s…but Kevin you could’ve spilled some bleach.

The Mets played .398 ball the rest of the way.


Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon.  Jeff, either someone in your organization has gone rogue and decided to charge $63 to sit in the Upper Deck on Opening Day…or you signed off on it.  Either way it’s not good.  I actually woke up this morning at 6:30 mad about this.  This haunts my dreams Jeff.  We are going to be doing this for a long time you and I.  Like Batman and the Joker.


jeff kent survivor

Me.  When I watched Jeff Kent on Survivor I thought he seemed really cool.  I hate myself for feeling that way.

sandy alderson @metsgm

Sandy Alderson Again.  Remember when the team was starting to struggle and needed some bullpen help?  Or a bat?  Or something?

jason bay mets

Jason Bay.  Jason, it’s not that you only hit 26 HRs and 124 RBI in 3 seasons with the Mets, it’s that I know you are going to hit 26 HRs and 124 RBIs in one season in Seattle.

Los Mets 2012 New York Mets

The MLB Shop.  We both know you never had any replica Los Mets jerseys to sell.  Twice you took my order, twice you canceled it.

sunday night baseball

ESPN.  Does ANYONE like Sunday Night Baseball when the Mets are involved and at home?  8:05 starts are awful.

obstructed view warning

Obstructed Views at CitiField.  Look guys, just admit that there are firecodes which force you to put plexiglass.  The plexiglass blocks the views.


WAR and “Advanced Stats”  Just win baby.  You know what Dickey’s value was?  20 wins.

OPS is just adding two numbers together.  Why not have WinSaves or SingleSteals?

And don’t get me started on the thing where you guys compare someone to a HYPOTHETICAL minor league replacement.  That’s not a stat, that’s wizardry.

Comments are open…feel free to add.









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3 Replies to “Metsivus 2012: The Airing Of Grievances”

  1. Us wizards have tempers, careful.

    You should look up power-speed while you’re at it. it’s fun.

    Oooh, Isolated Power, ISO. It’s slugging % without singles.

  2. I completely agree with every single word. Leaving Mike Piazza off your HOF ballot should be grounds for removal of the right to vote–he is a dolt. I also was most aggravated by Sandy’s inactivity when the team needed help. I am not as big a fan of him as many others are. The obstructed sight lines–meh, get a different seat–I just don’t care (I still miss Shea.) Citifield is still way too Dodger for me. We all know Jason Bay will hit 25, Perez will save 30 and the Mariner’s will make the playoffs. You heard it here first. I just want to say how much i enjoy this site–I don’t always agree with you but I am always entertained. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  3. Nice article! I want that picture of TC on a shirt. Talk to Darren please. I’ll buy 2. My grievances are: the Mets prove stupidity and trade a Jedi Knight. The queue to get the Sandwich costs too many innings of waiting. Ticket prices shouldn’t go up when the team has had 4+ losing horrible heartwrenching seasons. The Wilpons are bad for the Mets and if they weren’t Selig’s buds, they’d be forced to sell. I pin all my interest and the $3K+ I already invested in my tickets next year on Mr. Met winning best mascot award again next year, and maybe David Wright not regretting being the face of this sad franchise.

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