The awkward De-Dickeyization of the Mets has begun

This morning many of us got a holiday e-card from The Mets.  That’s nice.

It has several nice highlights from the 2012 season.  There was that time Santana threw a no-hitter.  That was nice.

There was that time David Wright (Happy Birthday) broke the team hits record.  That was nice.

I feel like something else happened.  I can’t remember what it was.

Wasn’t there something else that we were excited about?  Does anyone recall?

Anyway, Opening Day tickets start at just $63.  Come see Duda, Baxter, Cowbell and the rest of your 2013 Mets, where prices equal value.

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2 Replies to “The awkward De-Dickeyization of the Mets has begun”

  1. Remember when they left Jose Reyes out of the 50th anniversary video? Oh yeah, this has all happened before…

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