Newtown One Week Later – What Will YOU Do

We all know what happened a week ago today.  I don’t need to recap it.

We all expressed our horror.  Many of us have held our children just a little bit closer every day since.

We have a problem in this country.  It’s a gun issue – it’s a mental health issue  – and it’s a culture of violence issue.

It’s not just one – it’s a combination of all three.  Which one is most important is a debate that can wait for another time.

So we all agree there is an issue.  The question then becomes, what will YOU do.

I’m serious here.  It’s all well and good to shake our head and say something should be done.  But will you actually do something?

We are at a pivotal point in our nation’s history.  Unless we as a people actually stand up and let our elected officials know how we feel, this moment could drop into the waste-heap of time.

20 children were slaughtered last week.  Will YOU do something about that?  Will you do something more than just shake your head?

Politicians are not the issue, voters are. If you vote for a politician who doesn’t take ‘meaningful action’ or you don’t demand it from your community, your neighbor, your family, your church, your colleagues – then don’t expect things to change. And don’t waste time blaming others. It’s us not them that need to change the culture, it’s each and every one of us.

More than a Mets fan blog, this is a community, and as a community we need to come together in times of crisis.  Well we have reached a crisis point.

Call your local politicians.  Tweet at them.  Post on their Facebook page.  Let your voice be heard.  Find others in your local community to join with you to exert pressure on your local politicians.  Do SOMETHING.  Do it NOW.  Don’t wait on this because we all know what happens if we wait – it will cease to be important.

I for one am putting my money where my mouth is.  I’m finding out where my local politicians stand and who they accept money from.  You can do this too.

Start here to find your federal representatives

For your local officials you can start here.

DO SOMETHING……before more children are shot 11 times.

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